Creating a Better Home Office Setup

With the recent coronavirus shutdown orders, many employees are finding themselves in a work from home situation. While your house or apartment may not offer the most ideal office setup, there are several ways you can improve your space to create a better working environment.

Find a Quiet Space in the Home

While it may be tempting to work from the kitchen, let's be honest - there's a lot of distractions in there, from food to foot traffic, if you are currently confined with other family members or roommates. If you can, try to find another area that has less distractions - perhaps that small desk in your bedroom or a location in a less trafficked area in the house, such as the basement or dining room. You'll find that the quiet and isolation of the space can better allow you to focus on your work and keep your work/home life as separate as possible. 

Consider a Standing Desk Solution

Being cooped up inside all day can certainly create a lot of restless energy. One way to address this problem is giving yourself the ability to stand while working. You may even already be used to having a standing desk at your office building and find yourself missing the sit-stand flexibility it gives you. While a full-size standing desk is not practical for home use, there are a variety of standing desk converters that sit on an existing desk or table. If working with a two monitor set-up or needing to have paperwork in front of you while you work, consider models like the Victor DC710G that provide the room for multiple monitors and workspace for notes and paperwork. If you're using a laptop, a more cost effective and space efficient solution is laptop stand models like the Victor DC230B and DC240B that allow you to use your laptop while standing and move the unit away when you want to return to sitting. 


Get Your Desktop Organized

Not having the desk drawer space and filing cabinets that we do at the office can mean that important documents and office supplies are haphazardly left laying about. Desktop organization products like the Victor Incline File or Tidy Tower can help keep paperwork organized and supplies neatly stored.

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Make Sure You Have the Proper Desktop Tools

It can be difficult trying to work without some of the office supplies we use on an everyday basis. Products like calculators and staplers are often a necessary part of the business equipment we rely on. During a time of health and sanitation concerns, it it also important to remember to clean these products regularly. The Victor TuffCalcTM is a water and shock resistant calculator that can be washed with soap and water or other cleaning products without damage to its functionality. 


While the stay-at-home orders may be temporary, you'll find that these improvements will make a big difference in how you work while in isolation, and will continue to benefit you for future at-home work even after people are able to return to their offices.