Victor Releases New Corner Standing Desk Model

In response to the growing trend of standing desks in the workplace, Victor has created a new corner model standing desk. Made to sit on top of your existing desk with no mounting or clamping required,  the DCX650 Height-Adjustable Corner Standing Desk offers an excellent way to bring a sit-stand solution to your work space.

"We know that a lot of employees out there want the ability to stand while working, but the traditional standing desk style does not necessarily fit a corner space," said Victor President John Ringlein. "We wanted to create a model that would specifically address the needs of people in that kind of situation."

Height-Adjustable Work Space

With an upper work surface that raises up to 20" above the desktop and a keyboard tray that raises up to 15", the DCX650 provides an ergonomic sit-stand solution for people up to 6' feet tall.Simply raise or lower the unit using the lever on the right hand side. The keyboard tray and large work surface allow plenty of room for a laptop or monitor, keyboard, paperwork, or anything else you need to raise up to work with. Alternatively, a grommet hole in the back of the unit allows it to be compatible with clamp style or through-hole monitor arms.

DCX650_Lifestyle_Standing_Single Monitor

Cubicle Corner Fit

The cut of the work surface on the Victor DCX650 allows it to easily fit corner spaces - making it great for cubicles or L-shaped desks. With a 15" frame depth, the compact footprint can easily fit on standard 24" deep cubicle desks without any overhang from the base of the unit.


Ease of Assembly

The DCX650 is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. The unit arrives pre-assembled. All you have to do is take it out of the box and attach the keyboard tray via two simple latches. No tools or hardware are required, making it a great solution for companies looking to give their employees standing desks without an office redesign or a labor and time intensive setup process.

DCX650_Removable Keyboard