Experience the Important Benefits of Staying Organized at Work


Everyone knows that keeping your workspace organized is important but it’s easy to forget to prioritize the tasks you should be doing for your well-being. “Your physical workspace can have a big effect on productivity. It can either energize you or deplete your energy,” said Julie Morgenstern, a time management expert based in New York.

Getting organized can seem daunting when you haven’t gone through the clutter on your desk in a while and taking the first step is usually the hardest part. For those that work a standard 9-5 office job, you spend most of your life at your desk. You should keep it clean and organized to make your life easier.

An article written by Product Experts explains several reasons why organization boosts productivity:

  1. Saves time – It’s no secret your time is valuable. Don’t spend extra time looking for catalogs and proposals. Simply keep all your reference material neat and in one place. This will help you easily locate everything quickly. Important documents can be stored in file organizers like the Victor 8601 Incline File for easy access.
  2. Eliminates Stress – Work can get stressful at times. Why wouldn’t you want to eliminate it wherever you can? You will become more productive and tasks will get done sooner, causing you to get less overwhelmed with your workload. Never misplace your cellphone under paperwork again with the Victor 9525 Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder.VCT_55005_Lifestyle_Large-1
  3. Improved Creativity – Being organized is linked to feeling calm. Calmness allows you to be more open-minded and more creative.
  4. Easy Location – Ensuring that all your knickknacks and important paperwork have a home is the easiest way to stay organized. This is easy with the Victor 5500 Tidy Tower.
  5. Meet Your Deadlines – Nothing is worse than missing a deadline. Being organized ensures that you stay on top of your deadlines by having them laid out and easily accessible.
  6. Less Clutter – Piles of papers you keep “just in case” rarely end up getting used. Focus on keeping the most important documents and shred the rest. If you find it’s hard to throw away certain items, simply create a designated home for these items so they are easily accessible. Compartmental organizers like the Victor 4720 Desktop Organizer can help you do just that while concealing stacks of papers.
  7. Improved Team Efficiency – You should never have to keep your boss or co-workers waiting because you are having a difficult time locating a specific file or document. Organizing your materials will help everyone be more efficient too.
By having an organized desk space, you are more efficient and productive, allowing your work to be the best it can be!

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